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Pelvic Heart Integration

Jack Painter and Friends
Deborah Taj Anapol and Jack Painter with Pelvic Heart Integration participants

What is Pelvic Heart Integration?
Some answers from Deborah Taj Anapol, Ph.D.

Pelvic Heart Integration (PHI) is a form of Western Tantra. It is also the most powerful integrated sexual healing SYSTEM – I’ve ever come across and I’ve been working in this field for over thirty years. If you are committed to being or becoming a first rate professional working with issues involving sexuality and harmonizing masculine and feminine energies within and without, you will want to see for yourself why I’m making such a strong statement!

The Level 1 Training stands on its own as a deep and moving experience for anyone dedicated to exploring their potential for full embodiment and intimate relating, as well as practitioners who want to expand their horizons. However, the depth, breadth, and sophistication of the PHI work requires more than five days to take it all in. It took me at least two years of study and working with Jack Painterto fully grasp it, and I was already a practicing professional with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

PHI uses processes and maps which are culturally familiar to modern Western people to address the central questions of traditional Tantra and other spiritual paths: Who are we? How can we be more present to Reality? How can we infuse our physical bodies with spiritual energy? How can we heal (make whole) our separation from the Divine? How can we transcend dualistic thinking? How can live our earthly lives in peace, happiness, and harmony with others?

Like Tantra, Pelvic Heart Integration engages us directly (not just intellectually) in:

  1. Harmoniously uniting masculine and feminine energy currents
  2. Discovering peace, wholeness, core light, orgasmic bliss and love within us rather endlessly seeking satisfaction outside ourselves
  3. Freeing the flow of life force energy in the physical body, energy body, emotional body and back thru the generations
  4. Breathing!
  5. Liberation from The Wheel of Life, Samsara

Deborah Taj Anapol with some of the Level 1 Training participants in County Wicklow, Ireland, August 2012

PHI is a synthesis of different tools and systems. The medium is the message. That is, we are simultaneously working on many different levels in an integrated way as we integrate the different parts of ourselves. We transcend the dualities of male and female, yin and yang, love and sex, upper and lower chakras, individual and tribe using a powerful combination of psychodrama, Reichian breath and bodywork, Eriksonian hypnosis, energy work, pelvic release, body reading, genital massage, ritual, and power analysis.

PHI is a wholistic, comprehensive technology for transformation which emphasizes the power of sexual energy and the ways in which our culture frequently distorts the natural flow of orgasmic energy. As a result, it provides a valuable framework for sexual healing – both in the sense of unraveling sexual dysfunction and in the sense of restoring trust and harmony between men and women.

For information, dates, prices, locations and registration for the Five Day PHI Level 1 Training, click here or email Deborah.  




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Deborah Taj Anapol with some of the Level 1 Training participants in Melbourne, Australia, March 2012


International Internet-Based One Year
Pelvic Heart Integration Practitioners’ Training

“The unarmored, active and receptive individual has a consistent, soft yet firm tone from the skin inward to the deepest structures.” - Jack Painter

“Grabbing for pleasure takes you outside yourself. Instead, you can stay inside your own skin and know that whatever happens, you’ll still be ok.” - Jack Painter

The first Pelvic Heart Integration Internet Based Year Long Practitioners’ Training will begin in January 2014. The training encompasses two 5 day face to face training groups to be held on several continents, opportunity to assist at one or more face to face training groups, monthly webinars, and teleseminars, monthly group coaching call and case conferences, students interactive forum, downloads/recordings of all webinars and teleseminars, guest teachers, additional video, audio, and print materials for download, reading list, and listing on the practitioners website upon successful completion of the course.


The intention of the Year Long Pelvic Heart Integration Training is passing on of this powerful Integrated System of Whole Person Healing developed by Dr. Jack Painter. After Jack developed his world famous integrated system for general bodywork, called Postural Integration, he realized that there is so much sexual energy locked in the pelvis that it deserves considerable focus to liberate this life force. When this training is completed satisfactorily participants will be qualified to offer individual sessions and will be listed as practitioners on the new Pelvic Heart Integration website. Those who have no previous relevant background of any kind may need additional coursework and those who wish to become trainers of other practitioners may need a second year to qualify.

Pelvic Heart Integration can take the form of a GROUP modality, or a series of INDIVIDUAL sessions. Traditionally it has been offered as five consecutive days for the Level 1A, 1B and 1C training, or as a series of 10 hours of individual sessions, usually divided into 90 minute or 2 hour blocks. Practitioners are encouraged to work in tandem with a partner whether offering sessions to groups, individuals, or couples, but this is not required. At this time, I am encouraging graduates to considering offering PHI to groups of 12 people, either in a 5 consecutive day format or when feasible, in a series of 5 full day or weekend workshops spaced over a longer period of time. Group work is not appropriate for everyone but it has many advantages over individual work and group facilitation skills will be taught as part as the PHI Year Long Training. Note that these Introductory PHI groups will be geared for clients, as distinct from the accelerated groups I am currently offering for professionals and those with prior work in sexuality.

Webinars and Teleseminars

You will need a personal computer (laptop is fine) and internet access to participate in this web-based training. To participate fully you will need a webcam and headphones. All sessions will be recorded so that you can listen at your leisure or review them as often as you wish. Webinars and teleseminars will be given on the follow topics. Some will be taught by Dr. Anapol and some by guest teachers who are specialists in these areas. Participants who have no prior exposure to some of these areas and desire a deeper course of instruction are encouraged to pursue additional coursework or mentorship with Dr. Anapol or with the relevant guest teachers who have been carefully selected for their expertise and their understanding of the bigger picture.

  1. Overview: Reichian Theory and Inner Marriage
    1. The four genders – human potential vs medical model of personality
    2. Body types and personality types
    3. Sexual issues related to types
    4. Relationship issues related to types
    5. Postural issues related to types
    6. Breath issues related to types
  2. Jack Painter’s Breath Cycle – Four parts repeating to peak (climax) and gradual return to resting state
    1. Breath
    2. Movement – undulation and subtleties of muscles involved in pelvic movement
    3. Energetic flow and streaming
    4. Images and intentions
    5. Harmonizing with a partner
  3. Blocks to the Breath Cycle
    1. Links to developmental stages and personality types
    2. Stage 1 blocks – origin, how to work with, related sexual and relationship issues
    3. Stage 2 (Oral) blocks
    4. Stage 3 (Releasing) blocks
    5. Stage 4 (Free breath) blocks
    6. Interrupted breath
    7. Post climactic breath
  4. Somatic Psychotherapeutic Basics
    1. Elements of a session, finding a focus for a session
    2. Body reading, diagnostics, Gestalt dialogue
    3. Knowing how deep to go, how fast to go, and what to leave alone
    4. Dealing with resistance and letting the client lead
    5. Transference, counter-transference, ethics, and boundaries
    6. Sex therapy 101 – common issues and conventional approaches (so you know what the rest of the world is doing)
  5. Parental Triangle Is Our Model for God and Goddess
    1. need for support from both same sex and opposite sex
    2. Holy Trinity and Holy Square
    3. Sexual guilt and sexual shame
    4. Identifying the program and creating the upgrade
    5. Linking the program with armor and releasing of armor
    6. Internalizing the support we need
  6. Inner Work
    1. Identifying internal sensations vs mental concepts
    2. The attitude of curiousity and openness
    3. The “truth” response
    4. Feeling vs thinking and identifying sensations
    5. Distinguishing between self and other
    6. Preverbal body memory
  7. Group Work
    1. Group facilitation skills
    2. Working with a co-facilitator
    3. Holding space
    4. Psychodrama basics
    5. Ancestor work, clearing the maternal and paternal lineage in a tribal context
    6. Working with couples and relationship issues using the whole group
  8. Trauma Therapies and Working with Sexual Abuse
    1. Theoretical perspectives
    2. The catharsis/re-traumatizing controversy
    3. Victim Triangle
    4. Women and sexual abuse
    5. Men and sexual abuse
  9. Energy Work
    1. Basic principles and Eastern and Western theory
    2. Meridians and acupressure points relevant to sexuality and gender
    3. Sacred Geometry and Anatomy
    4. Mapping Eastern and Western anatomy interfaces
  10. Bodywork and Anatomy
    1. General principles
    2. Genital anatomy and structures involved in sexual response
    3. The psoas
    4. Male genital massage
    5. Female genital massage
    6. Anal bodywork
  11. Cultivating Intuition
    1. How to tune in
    2. Identifying your personal modality
    3. Preparation: Know Yourself
    4. Skillful use of intuition
    5. Pattern recognition
  12. Marketing and Legal Issues for PHI practioners
    1. Group vs Individual vs Couple sessions
    2. Working in Tandem
    3. The 10 hour individual format
    4. Protection = preventing complaints
    5. Ethics and professional codes
    6. International and Intra-national Legalities: Think globally, act locally
    7. Remote sessions
    8. Networking and giving and receiving referrals

Mentoring, Coaching, and Peer Support

Once a month online “case conferences” where participants can share their experiences giving and receiving sessions and receive feedback and coaching from Dr. Anapol and other experienced practitioners are included in the training. There will also be a monthly Q&A call where participants can get their questions about any aspect of Pelvic Heart Integration answered. These monthly calls are group sessions, open to all participants. Each participant will also be able to schedule one individual mentoring call or face to face session as part of the training. Additional individual calls or private sessions will incur additional fees.


All participants will have access to an online library of written materials, audio, and video including: Outline of all components of Pelvic Heart Integration work list, description of all processes and exercises, video of Jack doing sessions and explaining the breath cycle, reading list, and film list.

Additional Learning Opportunities and Requirements

In order to complete this program, each participant will need to give ten pelvic heart integration sessions and to receive ten pelvic heart integration sessions. These sessions can be exchanges with other students, part of the face to face training sessions, paid sessions, or unpaid sessions. Participants must either videotape or provide a written report on half of these sessions (five they received and five they gave) along with their analysis (written or taped) of the sessions. If two practitioners give a joint session (which is encouraged), both may submit their own reports for the same session, and if the receiver is also a trainee, all three may report on the same session. Written permissions for video or audio taping must be obtained prior to recording.

Alternatively, a student can facilitate (or co-facilitate) 3 five day Pelvic Heart Integration group in place of giving the individual sessions, but they must still receive ten sessions themselves. A written report on this experience must be submitted.

Optional Academic Credit

Academic credit toward an MA or PhD can be earned for an additional fee through the International University of Professional Studies. Inquire if you are interested in this option.


The cost for the entire program, including 3 five-day face to face trainings (2 as a participant and 1 or MORE if you wish as an assistant – meals, lodging, and travel costs not included), all webinars, group mentoring and coaching calls, one individual mentoring session, student forum moderated by Dr. Anapol, print, audio, and video downloads, instructions for all exercises and processes, reading list, and film list - is only $7,900 USD. At today’s exchange rates, that’s 4950 GBP or 6166 Euro). Take advantage of this special introductory price! This price will be going up after January 1, 2013.

Credit card payments are accepted (in US Dollars only) and if you prefer, you can register with a deposit of $900 and then eight more monthly payments of $900 (approximately 562 GBP or 701 euros – all payments to be made in USD only). See the special offer below to credit your tuition for your Level One Training to the Yearlong Training if you want to take Level 1 before deciding whether to continue with the full training.

If you have already taken the 5 Day Level One Training, or if you decide to enroll in the yearlong course within one month of completing an upcoming training, the full amount you have already paid for that training will be deducted from the tuition for the yearlong course.

Special Offer! Gift Economy! Act Now!

In order to encourage as many people as I can to become Pelvic Heart Integration Practitioners, I am going to offer you the opportunity to enroll on a “Gift Economy” basis. Here’s how it works: You pay what you are willing and able to pay, with a minimum investment of $100/month for the 12 month training, so $1200 for a full year of training. This does NOT include the two required for certification face-to-face Five Day Trainings, or the third required “assistant” role Training, priced at $900 and $450 for Early Bird registration (plus lodging and meal costs if it is a residential training). So your total cost is only $3450 for a full year of training with me in the most comprehensive sexual healing system on the planet! This is less than half of the $7900 if you were to pay the full amount upfront. If you have already completed the Five Day Level 1 Training with me in the last year your cost is only $2550. There is a hitch, however. Actually three hitches.

First, this is a one time offer and it expires September 1, 2013.

Second, I am asking you to “tithe” back 10% of what you earn after completing the training, using what you’ve learned from me, for the next five years. Or tithe back 50% for one year. Of course you are still welcome to pay the full amount up front, or the $900/month for 9 months payment plan already on offer and keep all the money you earn later. Keep in mind that if you choose to focus on facilitating groups rather than private sessions, ONE fully enrolled 12 person group will pay back your entire original investment if you pay the full $7900 tuition. If you only offer private sessions and you receive $200 for each two hour session, it will take 40 sessions to recoup your investment. That would be 8 clients receiving 10 hours each.

Third, I need to have 24 people enrolled in order to offer the training at this ridiculously low price. So tell your friends!


Refund Policy: There will be no refunds given once the course has begun. If you are unable to complete the training, due to circumstances beyond your control, you can arrange to continue at a later date. Cancellations made in writing at least 30 days before the start of the course will be refunded the full amount less a $150 processing fee. Cancellations made in writing less than 30 days before the start of the course will be refunded the full amount less a $150 processing fee and a $150 cancellation fee ($300 total).

To receive an application, please send request via email. If you register for any of the Level 1 Trainings or if you register for the Yearlong Practitioner Training and after reviewing your application we find that this program is not appropriate for you, we will refund your entire payment.

Full Payment for the Year Long Training $7,900 USD


Installment payment of $900 (9 payments of $900 each)


 To enroll at the special Gift Economy price of $1,200
email for application and procedure.



“By feeling our parents in a more empathic way we realize that their longings are also our longings. It allows their hot heart and genital energy to stream through our bodies. We are the product of their fucking, The orgasm that created us is in our cellular memory.” - Jack Painter

“If that’s so, it explains why the Feminine energy has been so low on this planet. So many women didn’t come during conception!” - Deborah Taj Anapol, Ph.D.


"Once our sweet little boy was asleep, A and I made passionate deep love, she was opening energetically deeper than she ever has. I could really feel the longing of my ancestral line to feel deeply into A’s heart in our love making. It was enormously pleasurable, we experienced several powerful orgasms. Our connection that night was close to the extraordinary orgasmic birthing experience we shared. The moment we came back into ourselves and finished making love, two Dingoes began to howl just outside our bedroom and I felt powerful vibrations move throughout my whole body and experienced a deep sense of integration from the PHI work. The rest of the week has been unfolding into incredible deep love and intimacy with A and myself, it was as if we had only just met, it is like we have a new relationship all together, more aligned in truth of who we are, more free than before. Though this is much of what our relating has been about, the PHI catapulted us into a completely new level of love, intimacy and freedom. Everyday and night things have been expanding for us, making love passionately every chance, and experiencing more pleasure including pineal gland activation in love making. Life is very exciting right now, not knowing what I am going to experience in the next moment. So much has shifted in profound ways. Thank you so much Taj for the space you created to enable magic to happen.”

—Brett, Bodyworker, Australia

"Deborah’s warmth, intuition and knowledge flow from her like a waterfall leaving me yearning to dive even deeper into my own inner work. She has the ability to hold a calm and safe container for the most transforming experiences.”

—Elizabeth, California, Homeopath and Bodyworker

“Pelvic Heart Integration is powerful system that allows you to harmonize the masculine and feminine within, make conscious that which is unconscious, transform unhealthy parental and familial agreements, reclaim your sexual power and open your heart to loving what is. I highly recommend this work to anyone who desires to live a life of love, freedom and present moment awareness. The Pelvic Heart Integration Training has many practical benefits. The experience of my Inner Mother and Father being aligned and supportive of each other allows me to feel more presence and flow in my life. When I focus on the feminine part of the Breath Cycle I feel the universe supporting me in each moment. These are just two of the many benefits I have noticed since taking the Pelvic Heart Integration Training.”

—Crystal Dawn Morris, Skydancing Tantra Teacher, Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner, and

More Testimonials

Jack Painter, Ph.D.
died peacefully in his sleep on June 28, 2010.
May his mana be with us! Om Shanti.

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