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Dr. Deborah Taj Anapol

One Hour Coaching Session
One hour of personal coaching with Taj (aka Dr Anapol), in person or via telephone or Skype. $150.00


90 Minute Coaching Session
90 minutes of personal coaching with Taj (aka Dr Anapol), in person or via telephone or Skype. $200.00


Two hour Coaching Session
Two hours of personal coaching with Taj (aka Dr. Deborah Anapol) in person or via telephone. $250.00


Relationship Rescue!
Did you ever wish you could take your relationship coach home with you? Now you can! Bring Taj into your living room, your kitchen, and your bedroom and get right to core of your difficulties. $600.00

Or combine your 6 hours of relationship coaching with a vacation at a beautiful retreat center in sensual Maui (add $50 to $200/night for two). Email us for details.


Payments for Coaching
Checks made out to Deborah Anapol can be mailed to POB 4322, San Rafael, CA 94913.


Gratitude Donation
If my work has helped change your life for the better, and you want to show your appreciation, contributions of any amount are gratefully accepted.


Mandala for Love

~ Testimonial ~

     "Deborah is way ahead of the curve in terms of helping us understand what love is, our relationship to it, and our ways of relating from within it. The Seven Natural Laws of Love came to me at a most auspicious time, in the midst of the most heinous and awful family upset that threw me into a deep sense of victimhood and self-pity. On one teach-soaked afternoon, I devoured the words of this book like they were the most divine nectar, and I felt like I was being comforted and returned to a state of grace and greater consciousness."

—Amy Storm, director/creator of The Goddess Retreat


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