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August 20-25, 2015
PHI Activation Level 1 + L2, Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury, England

Thursday July 30 7 pm Dublin Ireland
Introduction to Pelvic Heart Integration
with Deborah Anapol and friends

April 2-16, 2016
Egypt Initiation: Nile Cruise and Tour of Sacred Sites

Australia and Asia 2015

April 10-12, 2015
PHI Level 1 Activation in Hong Kong with Deborah Anapol and Deirdre Butler


North America 2015

July 10-12, 2015
PHI Level 1 Activation in New Lebanon, NY
with Deborah Anapol and Isis Phoenix

July 13–17, 2015
Introduction to PHI and Erotic Kirtan with Adam Bauer
at Network for New Culture Summer Camp East

Europe 2015-2016

Thursday July 30 7 pm Dublin Ireland
Introduction to pelvic heart integration with Deborah Anapol and friends

August 4-10, 2015
PHI Teacher Training, Module 2, Near Dublin, Ireland

August 20-25, 2015
PHI Activation Level 1 + L2, Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury, England

September 11-14, 2015
The Crone and the Elder, Deborah Anapol and Robert Osborne, near Salisbury, England

February 24-March 1, 2016
Pelvic Heart Integration Activation L2+L3 with Deborah Anapol and staff, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

EGYPT 2016

April 2-16, 2016
A Mystical Journey to Egypt ~ A Path of Initiation
With Jane Bell and and Deborah Taj Anapol

India Anyone?


Pelvic Heart Integration (PHI) offers a comprehensive system for understanding and harmonizing the inner and outer worlds of the whole person. Its scope increases our awareness of and gives us tools for healing everything from our ancestral lineage and the developmental issues of childhood to the physical, emotional, interpersonal and sexual issues confronting us as evolving men and women.

This unique and powerful synthesis of neo-Reichian breathwork, body work, energy work, psychodrama, trauma work, body reading and Tantra was developed by pioneering bodyworker Dr. Jack Painter as a way for people to experience how their bodies hold both masculine and feminine energy and discover how to harmonize both sides. By focusing our attention on the dynamics of the core duality of male and female within our own bodies, we give ourselves leverage to find unity much more effectively than when we blame others and try to change them. We also discover how to release the characteristic breathing patterns, thoughts, emotions, and body amour that block the free flow of our life force and inhibit our capacity for sensual pleasure and orgasmic release.

The PHI offerings are now divided into Activation Groups open to anyone who wishes to make use of this powerful technology for shifting your conditioning and authenticity around gender, sexuality and relationship, and Teacher Training for practitioners who want to expand their professional skills in either group facilitation or one-on-one sexual healing to include PHI. It is recommended that all participants start with the Level 1 (which no longer includes pelvic bodywork) and then apply for entry into the Teacher Training if they wish to become practitioners or trainers. If the timing, location, and sequencing does not support entry into the Teacher Training groups in this way, there are several alternatives to allow entry directly into the Teacher Training. Email us for further information.

The Level 1 (and Module 1 Teacher Training) looks at masculine and feminine as an expression of the breath. The masculine and feminine energies in the body also have a directional flow and a cycle of movement. When the masculine and the feminine forces merge and come into contact, whether within one's own body or with another, sexual excitement results, eventually culminating in full body orgasm if the natural flow is unimpeded. But this inner flow, as well as the circuit formed when two individuals come together, loses its integrity when a person's internal connection between heart and the genitals is severed. We begin to reclaim our wholeness by discovering how this natural flow was cut off and finding the support to release our habitual body armour and emotional patterning.


“Just a quick note to say a massive thank you for a truly inspiring and life changing 5-days. It is not often that you have the opportunity to leave behind large chunks of your defense system, but I think that is what happened to me on the PHI training. Now that I am home, the challenge is whether I can maintain a relatively unarmoured posture with my world. So it is a work in progress–many of the gifts probably have yet to come to light, but already I feel assured that this is a path I want to walk on for a while, stripping back the layers of self-defense and revealing more of my vulnerable core to the World. That, after all, is the best way for me to share my love with the world. Thank you for bringing me back to myself, again and again and again….”
"I think the biggest gift that the level one provided me with (and there were many) was that it made the sexual energy work seem normal. It was grounded and safe and even though it was intensely activating at times the end result was a calm, centered sense of safety around my own sexual energy. I do not think I have ever really believed my sexual energy was completely safe. Now, I feel kind of matter of fact about it - as a result of which the breath training here last week had a load of people releasing sexual energy blocks - simply because i was able to feel more normal about the space receiving that. Many of my connections are feeling deep and strong and full of sexual potency right now. I am attributing it in part to the 'spell-breaking' of the guilt and shame cycle on Phi level 1."

With love, sincerity and massive respect, Natalia Brown
Breathwork Therapist & Trainer, England August 2014


For more about Pelvic Heart Integration, view the video at

and see What is Pelvic Heart Integration

If you have questions about whether this training is suitable for you, email Deborah Anapol.

Cancellation Policy: Full refund less $150 administrative fee is available on request up to two months prior to the workshop date. Refunds after this date are not possible but you may transfer your registration to a future training or to another qualified person in cases of personal or family emergencies. If you are traveling to attend a workshop, we strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover your transportation and workshop costs.


May 22-25, 2015
Pelvic Heart Integration Level 1 Activation
Portland, Oregon

Cost: $900 USD before March 21, $990 USD after March 21

This group will be held at a lovely private home with hot tub centrally located in Portland, Oregon. This is the New Level 1 which offers a deep and intensive opportunity for restructuring your programming around gender, sex, and intimate relationship through working in a conscious way with breath, beliefs, and ancestral constrictions. This is multi-dimensional shifting that does NOT involve genital bodywork, which is now left for later levels.

There will be an additional charge for meals and lodging if available after you are accepted into the training. We start after dinner at 7:30 PM on May 20 and end by 4 PM on May 26.

Gwenn Cody
Gwenn Cody will be co-leading with Deborah Anapol. Space is limited so reserve your place now! Gwenn Cody, MSW, CET, CTE. Gwenn is a body-centered therapist and sexuality educator in practice in Portland since 1988. She completed 5 years of training in Core Energetics, a spiritually focused Reichian therapy model and was certified in CE in 1999. Gwenn has trained in Tantra and Sexuality with some of the best-known luminaries of the last 30 years including a course with Jack Painter himself.



August 4-10, 2015
Pelvic Heart Integration Teacher Training, Module 2
near Dublin, Ireland

$1000 USD until March 4, then $1100 USD. No charge for those enrolled in the Yearlong Training

Our Module 2 Teacher Training will focus on working with blocks in all four phases of the Breath Cycle, identifying related sexual and relationship issues, and understanding and transforming the ancestral roots of these dysfunctions. We will also address the fundamentals of somatic psychotherapy: how to find identify core issues and choosing a focus for a session using body reading and Gestalt dialogue. Finally we will look at essential parameters such as pacing, boundaries and ethics, transference, dealing with resistance, group facilitation skills, and using the tools of PHI to work with interpersonal issues within the group. Module 2 corresponds to Items 3, 4, and 7 in the Yearlong Outline.

Applicants should either be enrolled in the Yearlong Training or have attended the Module 1 Teacher Training. Some exceptions may be made for a limited number of qualified individuals, so contact us if you wish to be considered. If you are unable to attend in person and are enrolled in the Yearlong program it may be possible to attend via the internet. Contact us well in advance to explore this option.


Statues at Indian Sculpture Park, Victoria’s Way, Roundwood, Co Wicklow

There is an additional charge of approximately 400 Euro for lodging and meals to be paid after you are accepted into the training. The training will be held at a charming, ecological retreat center in rural County Wicklow, about 1 hour from Dublin Airport. Three delicious home cooked, and mostly organic meals are provided each day, starting with dinner at 6 PM on August 4 and ending with lunch August 10. A large hot tub and cold plunge in the pond support connecting and relaxing in the evenings. Contact Sli Na Bande if you wish to arrange to come early or stay late. Sli Na Bande is accessible through a combination of public transport and taxi, but if you wish to explore the local area, including a very unique Hindu inspired sculpture garden you will need a car. Contact us with your flight information if you want to share a rental car or ride to the site. Accommodations are mostly double or triple occupancy. Register early for first pick of rooms with ensuite bathroom or possibility of private room at additional cost (very limited). Space is limited so reserve your place now!




August 20-25, 2015
Pelvic Heart Integration Activation Level 1 + L2
near Salisbury, England

Cost: $900 USD (~ £540) before May 1, $990 USD after May 1

This group will be held in a beautiful, private, secluded 70 acre forest near Salisbury with a variety of accommodation options on site. This 5 day group combines the New Level 1 which offers a deep and intensive opportunity for restructuring your programming around gender, sex, and intimate relationship through working in a conscious way with breath, beliefs, and ancestral constrictions, with the New Level 2 which supports you in healing your ancestral lineage so that you can access the power and love of your ancestors. Level 2 also addresses clearing blocks to the free flow of breath and life force using a range of psychospiritual and hands-on tools. This is multi-dimensional shifting that does NOT involve genital bodywork, which is now left for later levels.

We have a hot tub and sauna, but telecommunications are limited. There will be an additional charge for lodging and meals to be paid directly to the venue after you are accepted into the training. For more on the venue, click here. We start with dinner at 6 PM on August 20 and end by 5 PM on August 25. Robert and Marta of Celtic Tantra will be assisting Deborah. Space is limited so reserve your place now! You can pay in USD or with a credit card here, or contact Robert and Marta if you prefer to pay by bank transfer in pounds sterling.

To register for Activation L1+2 at Hazel Hill Wood August 20-25, you can:
pay in USD

or Use this link to make a free transfer in the amount of $990 USD from Pounds Sterling or Euros


Visit  for full schedule of Pelvic Heart Integration groups and updates on future Activations and Teacher Trainings.

Pelvic Heart Integration with Deborah Taj Anapol was deeply healing for me. I have been journeying deeply for 10 yrs now yet found this workshop had much to offer. It turned my inner masculine/feminine from a lived concept to an inner union that is bringing me to a divine new level of wholeness, with less struggle and more moments of clarity and ease. Long term enmeshment triggers in my relationship are dissolving like never before, allowing more freedom AND connection. I have found myself again, or rather found new layers of myself that I (and those around me) am really loving. A reminder that spirituality can be found through the body rather than separate from it. Taj's facilitation is gently profound, affirming, nurturing yet deepening and all from a place of such ease...including the rare but defining quality of personal vulnerability, many thanks Taj for being who you are!

—Annette Baulch, Oztantra, Australia

Nothing is the same after PHI, the mind is more still, and it allows me to go deeper… This profound opening of my Heart is new and exciting and I have started to work deeper on my attachments and let the love flow in. Before, sometimes anger would fill the void, not now, so for that I am truly thankful.

—TA, Australia

Wow. What an incredible journey. I feel so touched by each of you in the group and so grateful to you Taj, for what you've given us. Throughout the week my connection with my partner continued to deepen in ways that we've never experienced before. But on the Monday, I had such an incredible breakthrough. We were dancing to this beautiful spiritual music and as we danced I could feel this very subtle, deep belief (one I saw and mentioned in the workshop) that he was just seducing me. And as I caught it I thought that maybe, for once, I could put that aside and see what happened if I didn't believe that. And there, in that shift of perspective, I felt this energy, this love, move through me. Through my body. Through my heart. And I just started crying and crying. For the first time, ever, I really felt his love for me. I could receive his love. He has said it so many times and to a degree I've felt it, but there has always been this suspicion, at an unconscious level, that I couldn't really trust it. And it was there. All this time. But I have never been able to really let it in. And then we lay down and as he held me I cried and cried, deep tears of gratitude, realizing that all this time it's been me ... not being able to let all love in. From all my relationships. From life. All this holding in my body. All this contraction, this tension, these core beliefs ... have been stopping the love from moving through me. Separating me from life. From love. From feeling whole. I felt all these energetic bursts as life moved through all of me, through parts of my being that have never been able to feel anything before. It's been incredible. And for days I could hardly move. All the tension that I've been holding throughout my life, my being, just dissolved. And to get up and do, felt like I would have to brace, like I've been doing for so long ... and I just couldn't be bothered. It was fantastic!!!! And we made love in ways that I've never experienced before ... so deeply, with such love, with such ecstatic bliss, with such surrender. Without shame. Without fear. With such connection. So ... THANK YOU ... to you Taj ... for holding what I wasn't able to see or receive. For your patience and trust. For having walked this path before us and being willing to stand there, with all our projections, and trust our own unfolding … I am so deeply grateful to you for an experience that I won't forget and one that has opened my eyes to Tantra in a way that I had never understood before. And so many teachings that I have resonated with so deeply, suddenly make sense to me in a way that I hadn't been able to hear.

—With all my love & gratitude Lorella, Somatic Therapist, Australia

For more about Pelvic Heart Integration, see What is Pelvic Heart Integration.


September 11- 14, 2015 near Salisbury, England
Embodying The Potent Elder and The Juicy Crone
A Retreat with Deborah Anapol and Robert Osborne

Both men and women share the fear that our sexuality will diminish as we get older. The truth is that our capacity for tantric union can increase endlessly if we’re willing to release old patterns and allow ourselves to evolve in new ways. It’s never too late to have a fulfilling and expansive sexualoving life, but the sooner you start the smoother the journey! Whatever your age or relationship situation join us to explore your own path of initiation into becoming a juicy crone or a potent elder.

We will address the following topics:

• The qualities of the juicy crone and potent elder

• Mapping your Initiation – the developmental desires of maturation

• Erotic meditation and other embodied awareness practices

• The physical and energetic realities and myths of femopause and menopause

• Mirror, mirror on the wall – loving what is

• Facing mortality: dying to live, conscious dying, orgasmic death

To register, email or


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April 2-16, 2016
A Mystical Journey to Egypt
A Path of Initiation With Jane Bell and and Deborah Taj Anapol

To visit Egypt is to sink into the ageless sands, to feel the energy of ancient sites and surrender into the vast mystery. In this land of sacred magic the imagination flowers as the veils dissolve away, inviting you to question all that you believe to be true. You will pass through the threshold of the unknowable, and witness the play of light and shadow that invites you to know your true Self. You now embark upon a journey of self-initiation.

Each day exposes another facet of this ancient land and its people, a land where the present, past, and future intertwine in unfathomable ways. Each temple offers a unique initiation, an invitation to enter a new portal of awareness. In the ancient mystery schools these initiations took place over many years under the guidance of someone who had reached a certain level of mastery. Today everything is speeded up and while decades of preparation may no longer be needed, we encourage you to consciously approach these powerful sites in an embodied way. Indeed, your initiation begins the moment you commit to taking this journey. In a true initiation, the old identity dies and something new arises, but without intention, preparation and ongoing focus, this potential may not be realized or sustained.

Our Itinerary

We begin and end our journey upon the Giza plateau, opening ourselves to the timeless mysteries of the Sphinx and Pyramids in meditation. Then we will visit the healing temples and tombs of Sakkara and the mystical tunnels of the Serapium. From Giza, we fly to Aswan, the Nubian city of the South, where we embark northward following the Nile’s course towards Luxor (ancient Thebes), visiting sacred sites along the way. Aswan is where we board The Afandina, our own private dahabiya, modeled after the ancient sailing vessels of Egypt. This 5 Star vessel with our own staff and private chef provides us with more than the comforts of home as we travel to the temples along the Nile. Here we visit Sehel Island, Philae, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Dendara, Abydos, Karnak, Luxor, and the Valley of the Kings. We spend a total of nine nights upon this private floating temple, allowing us to deeply enjoy and integrate our journey. While sailing the Nile, we can, if you choose, share practices of embodiment that will support you to fully embrace the many transformative energies you will meet on this journey. There will be ample time to explore the beautiful sites along the Nile both with the group and on our own. We spend several nights in both Luxor and Aswan visiting the colorful ancient markets and meeting the locals.

DAY 1 April 2: Depart for Cairo to insure arrival by mid-day on April 3rd. (If you can manage it, arriving a day early is a good idea).
DAY 2 April 3: Arrive in Cairo and check in to the exquisite Mena House Hotel across from the Pyramids. We will meet for an opening circle followed by an included dinner.
DAY 3 April 4: At dawn we will ascend to the Giza Plateau for our private ceremony and meditation in the Paws of the Sphinx. We will proceed in silence to explore the Giza Plateau. After we return to the Mena House for breakfast. Afternoon circle. Optional camel or horse ride. Dinner on your own.
DAY 4 April 5: We check out of the Mena House and visit the tombs, the Step Pyramid, and the healing temples of Sakkara including the Serapium. We will have lunch on the Sakkara Road en route to the Cairo airport where we fly to Aswan and board our private sailing vessel The Afandina for dinner. While on the Afandina all meals are included.
DAY 5 April 6: We will have a circle after breakfast. In the afternoon we visit Soheil Island, the place where the ancients visited the source of the Nile. Evening visit to the Aswan market.
DAY 6 April 7: Early morning ferry takes us for a private pre-dawn ceremony to the exquisite Temple of Philae dedicated to the Goddess Isis. Later we sail for Kom Ombo, temple dedicated to the gods Sobek and Horus. Afternoon visit and then sail to nearby island and overnight.
DAY 7 April 8: Sail all day until we reach Edfu. Afternoon visit to the Temple of Horus and overnight outside of Edfu on an island.
DAY 8 April 9: Early morning sail to Esna, an ancient town where the boats go through the locks. Overnight at Esna.
DAY 9 April 10: A beautiful day to cruise the Nile. (Evening visit to Luxor Temple).
DAY 10 April 11: A wonderful early morning bus ride through rural Egypt to the Temple of Abydos, the place of the ancient Osirion and the Flower of Life. Late afternoon drive to Dendera, the Temple of Hathor, Goddess of love, arts, and sensuality, for a private visit.
DAY 11 April12: Morning Visit to Karnak Temple and the Chapel of Ptah where we meet the Goddess Sekhmet.
DAY 12 April 13: Early morning visit to the West Bank of Luxor where the tombs and funerary temples lie. We will visit the Valley of the Kings, and the Funerary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the first woman Pharaoh. All temples and tombs on the West Bank are for funerary practices. Afternoon open in Luxor to explore. Final dinner on the Afandina.
DAY 13 April 14: Morning flight to Cairo and return to the hotel for rest. Afternoon circle to prepare for our private visit into the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid in the evening. Dinner on your own.
DAY 14 April 15: Morning visit to the Cairo Museum and the Khan Il Khalili market and historic Mosque. Return in the afternoon for final packing and closing circle and dinner.
DAY 15 April 16: International departures for home.

Your Leaders and Guides Through this Sacred Journey

Jane Bell began her spiritual journey in 1977 when she became a serious student of meditation. In 1989, she quit her corporate life to merge her heart and her path. Experiencing a spiritual epiphany in Egypt in 1992, she became a student of the Egyptian Mysteries and lead tours to Egypt and Peru with Nicki Scully of Shamanic Journeys. In 2003 she founded Presence of Heart as a reflection of the core vibration of love that she holds for the world. She has brought hundreds of people to Egypt over the last 20 years sharing her passion for the culture, the people and the Egyptian mysteries. Her long-time relationship with Mohamed Nazmy and Emil Shaker of Quest Travel embodies a mutual commitment to bringing love, peace and joy to all people who come to Egypt. She is also a graduate of the Corelight Teacher Training Program as well as a Focusing trainer and a student of the Diamond Logos work that she uses when working with her private clients. See her website for more at

Deborah Taj Anapol, Ph.D. is an explorer of the spaces where love, sex, spirit, and sustainability meet. She brings a rare integration of over three decades of spiritual practice (Sufi, Tantric, and non-dual traditions), the healing arts, Western psychology, academic training, and woman’s wisdom to her work as a seminar leader and relationship coach. She is the author of The Seven Natural Laws of Love and other books, has two daughters and two granddaughters and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area when she is not traveling the world.

The tour includes:

  • All entrance fees to temples and tombs
  • Our enthusiastic and mystical Egyptologist
  • Nine night Nile Cruise on the dahabiya, The Afandina
  • All hotel accommodations
  • All meals except 2 lunches and 2 dinners
  • Airfare within Egypt
  • Most tips (excluding boat crew and Egyptologist)
  • Private visits to the Sphinx, Great Pyramid, Dendara/Hathor Temple, Philae/Isis Temple.
  • Transportation and transfers to and from the airport

The tour does NOT include:

  • Entry visa of $25 upon arrival (check the Egyptian consulate to confirm)
  • Travel Insurance
  • International airfare to/from Cairo
  • Hotel accommodations for extra nights if you wish to come early or stay later. Quest Travel is happy to arrange those for you.

Tour Pricing

  • The cost of the journey excluding international airfare is $5346
  • You can reserve your place now with a non-refundable deposit of $800 USD. If paying with a Credit Card a 6% fee is charged
  • Prices are approximate as taxes and other fees may change
  • Single supplement: $600 for hotels only
  • Double occupancy on the boat
  • The costs are based on minimum of 16 passengers
  • Payment can be made with a Wire transfer, cashiers check, personal check, or credit card:
    • For international wire transfer/currency exchange, we recommend Transferwise which is very reliable and less costly than banks. Use this link for one free transfer up to £3000:
    • Checks should be made out to Deborah Anapol and sent to POB 4322, San Rafael, CA 94913.


Taj Meditation

Past Workshops



The Sacred Union of Opposites:
A Weekend Retreat with Dr. Deborah Taj Anapol
near Sydney Australia

Past Workshop

Duality, polarity, pairs of opposites are what makes the world go ‘round. When masculine and feminine energies magnetically attract it’s magical, when they’re at war, we suffer.

The mysterious alchemy of our sexual, life force energies often confuses, overwhelms, or eludes us until we turn our attention to harmonizing the opposites within as well as without.

This weekend is an invitation to dive deeply into surmounting the obstacles to harmony, union, and aliveness on many different levels – mental, emotional, energetic, and physical.

We will use maps and methods drawn from Pelvic Heart Integration including breath, conscious touch, and role play, as well as ancient yogic practices.

Partners and singles are both welcome. The workshop is clothing optional and includes intimate touch but there is no sexual activity as commonly understood. 

For Registration and logistics click this link:

Steven Sundrams
Love, Sex, and Freedom
With Deborah Anapol

Past Workshop

When does sexual intimacy with another contribute to self knowledge and when does it become an obstacle? How can we support our selves and our partners in developing our full potential as friends and lovers? What is the difference between conscious and unconscious sex, conscious and unconscious love? How can we honor diversity and respect individual choices while creating an alchemical container for transformation? Where is the balance between freedom and commitment in intimate relationship? What is the role of sex and love in healing and what is the role of healing in intimate relationship? How do we preserve the energies of mystery and the unknown in long term relationships? How can we create safety in our relationships without sacrificing freedom? What are the distinguishing features of tantric lovemaking? How can masculine and feminine energies be harmonized? If these questions resonate with you, this is an experiential retreat you won’t want to miss! We’ll use breath, movement, massage, meditation, and verbal communication to support you in:

  • Becoming more aware of your own inner experience and learning how to stay present with your self and others when you venture outside your comfort zone
  • Keeping erotic love alive, joyful, and satisfying by releasing old patterns and automatic behaviors which are not in harmony with your heartfelt desires.
  • Growing beyond conditioned gender roles and relationship models which have been passed down for generations but are not contributing to your happiness.
  • Opening and connecting all your energy centers and harmonizing masculine and feminine aspects to allow more freedom, fun, and playfulness in your intimate relating
  • Resolving core issues that limit your happiness and sabotage your inner peace

This retreat is open to singles, couples, and moresomes of any sexual or relationship orientation. For more information or to book private sessions in Sydney, email


An Evening of Honoring the Divine in Each Other
Facilitated by Deborah Anapol

Past Workshop

In India a puja is a ceremony in which offerings are made at an altar to one of many Gods or Goddesses – it could be Shiva, Kali, Durga, Parvati, or Ganesha to mention a few favorites. Prayers of love, devotion, and respect are said, candles and incense are lit, and blessings are sought. In the West, another form of puja has evolved in which we engage in practices designed to shift our focus from our minds to our hearts and bodies and heighten our awareness of the divine spark in the human form. This journey into Love and Communion is a heart-opening and sensual experience undertaken within a safe container for honoring everyone’s boundaries. It is followed by a sharing circle which encourages speaking truthfully about all that’s transpired and addressing any questions which arise. In honor of the coming solar eclipse (June 1), the theme of this puja is Fire and Shadow, Light and Dark. This evening gathering is appropriate for singles or partners whatever your sexual or relational orientation. Couples will have the option to stay together throughout the puja circle. There will be no nudity or genital contact at this event.


The Yoga of Love

A weekend retreat with Deborah Anapol, Ph.D.

To Be Scheduled Again

Yoga is a Sanskrit word sometimes translated as “union.” The word itself is a combination of the Sanskrit words for Sun and Moon, implying the union of masculine and feminine energies. Traditional Hawaiian teachings recognize the harmonizing of masculine and feminine principles as the basis for direct connection to Source, and so it was in India as well. While hatha yoga is best known in the West, the Yoga of Love combines practices from hatha, raja, karma, bhakti, and jnana yoga as well as Reichian-based practices for increasing awareness of and harmony between masculine and feminine forces within the physical and subtle bodies. The result is a solid base from which you can create satisfying intimacy with others. Join us for a delightful experiential weekend at a lovely retreat center. This weekend is appropriate for both individuals and partners of any relationship orientation and utilizes breath, movement, massage, meditation, and verbal communication to support you in:

• Awakening the innocent and natural enjoyment of your entire body

• Cultivating your ability to create and nurture fulfilling erotic love

• Freeing yourself from old patterns and automatic behaviors which are not in harmony with your heartfelt desires and reduce your capacity for pleasure

• Growing beyond conditioned gender roles and relationship models which have been passed down for generations but are not contributing to your happiness.

• Allow more relaxation, fun, and playfulness in your intimate relating

• Resolving core issues that limit your happiness and sabotage your inner peace

Includes delicious meals and indoor or outdoor camping.
Double occupancy rooms available for additional fee

For more information phone (415) 507-1739 or email Deborah Anapol

India Anyone?

I'm feeling the call to return to Mother India!
Want to tour sacred sites with a small group of kindred spirits?
Send an email and let us know what places, dates, and activities interest you!




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