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Deborah Taj Anapol - Sunset at old Honaunau Temple platform
Deborah Taj Anapol - Sunset at old Honaunau Temple platform


"I attended Deborah Anapol's Pelvic Heart Integration training in Melbourne in April 2012. As a practicising tantrika, I've attended a number of trainings and workshops over the past 3 years. For me, Deborah's was the best training I have done. It really brought together everything I had been looking for and hadn't found in the other workshops, and it filled in any gaps I had in my knowledge and practice. The pelvic heart integration training is very deep, transformative work. Frankly, I think it's the best training available today! We learnt and practiced skills like reading the body types, reading the tensions of the body, dialoguing and aspecting, and then the actual bodywork. Deborah is very experienced, mature, and quite wonderful, and if you're serious about being the best sexual healer you can be, I think this training is quite exceptional."

—M.D., Australia, 2012

"It was a privilege to work under the guidance of Deborah Anapol (Taj), as she unfolded this profound work for us. The Pelvic Heart Integration training was a turning point for me personally, and now enables me to share this rich and powerful work with others. The gifts received from the training have unlocked insights ranging from stuck patterns, to discovering a deep connectedness with my ancestral history. It is truly healing work. Taj revealed the layers step by step, and it was an honour to work with her as she shared her life's work, and the experience that can only come from real knowing - in the truest sense of the word. I will carry this work forward with great respect. Thank you Taj."

—Stephanie Phillips Melbourne, Australia 21st April 2012

 "Even now, years later, I still have a very distinct and consciousness altering bodily recollection of how ecstatically I experienced your energies and how powerfully electric (as in a moderate and halting electrical shock running through my body, from root to crown) as a spontaneous triggering of my Kundalini resulting in a full-body "Kriya" orgasm. Looking back on it now, after many years of Kriya Tantra work and joy, it feels as though at first your powerful magnetic (Feminine) energy opened to me and drew me in and then realizing I was also somewhat energetically capable, you shifted into your electric (Masculine) energy simultaneous with me relaxing into my feminine energy and you merged into me as I had just merged into you. It was a sweet and potent and beautifully ecstatic experience for me and one which galvanized my enthusiasm for Tantra and intimacy at the energy body level and beyond. Thank YOU for such an ecstatic and sweet and Divine gifting and awakening. It felt VERY much like a Tantric Shaktipat."

—Bill Bulloch, USA, 2012

Women's Ancestor Exercise

"Deborah embodies process and stability, emanating the wisdom of the crone with the innocence of spirit and power of Woman. Her approach to transforming your relationship with yourself and your relationship with others is profoundly grounded, intuitive and alive with a vibrancy of heart that is unique and deeply refreshing. I feel incredibly safe being vulnerable with Deborah, feeling very held, witnessed and loved from a very healed/whole and present space, which is why she has and continues to be an incredible source of inspiration, learning and healing on my path towards integrating Kundalini in ecstatic union."

—Fleur Chetwynd, London, UK, June 2012

 "Having experienced many other well known Tantra teachers, it was so delightful to be in your presence as you are the only one I've felt was really truly completely in their body and taught from the Light. Your embodiment translated information into my body that others only talked about. I have it now."

—Blessings, grace, and love, Jeremiah

     "I want to express my heartfelt response to your workshop. The energy flow created by your leadership and facilitation was wonderful and enriching. Interestingly I had come to the workshop with no concept of what to expect and was able to take the whole experience in a way I had not expected. I knew I had my own sexual healing to do, but did not expect it to continue on a daily basis after the workshop. My sexual pleasure is greater than ever before!"
—Namaste, Ria

     "Your Tantra Weekend was a transformative, miraculous, amazing event for both my partner and I. You are the most skilled facilitator of any workshop I have ever attended. As a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family therapy I've attended many workshops and retreats, and never have I experienced such skill and experience combined with a lack of personal ego. You gracefully kept the workshop moving forward, offering people safety and sacredness while finding their edge, facing shadows, and risking giving up old stories. You dealt with the personal stuff for many of us while integrating it into the group process seamlessly. You made space for love and let us support each other. You presented valuable information and drew out of us even more valuable information. I recommend your workshop to anyone who is genuinely seeking to deepen, heal, and expand their ability to love. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We've already signed up for the next one."
—Peace, Matt

     "You are touching peoples' lives through touching mine!"


     "Before you touched my life I had spent three score years knowing that my body and particularly my sexuality was a thing of shame. In the course of a weekend, a mere 48 hours, my life changed. I experienced intimacy, courage and honesty to a degree I did not believe possible. I was crying so hard on the way home I had to pull into a park and sit by the river and let the energy wash over me. Now five months later as I write this letter, I can still feel tears of joy. A subsequent workshop with you, just a week ago, took me to a whole new level. What a gift you have given me. It is a gift words cannot describe."

—Love, W

     "Your workshop changed my life. I feel like everything I've read about for the longest time (yoga, Tantra, love, god, and more) and everything I've hoped for in my sexuality, my relationships to others, my lovers, and the universe is real and can happen. My life has turned onto a completely different road, and I don't know how far it can go, but I want to take it all the way. Thank you so much for being the guiding light. I am forever grateful."

—Namaste, Rebecca

Dr. Deborah Taj Anapol   

  "You truly have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share … I've never felt so comfortable in an intimacy workshop before. Thanks for making that happen! I look forward to working more with you in the future."

—Love to you, Sarah

     "Thank you so much for the women's workshop. You answered long-held questions for me. The experiences of energy movement, of the life of my own body, and of asking for what I want and need, have really changed me. I feel much more confident, more able to tell my truth and be seen. And I feel more confident about being in relationship, like more is possible, things I knew must be possible but seemed out of reach for me."

—Thank you and blessings, Sylvia

     "The workshop was so much more than I ever expected. Opening up around my parental issues was so valuable and I really do have new voices in my head. I appreciate all I've ever received from you."

—Love, Steve

     "The heart armor I've had since my wife's death really did melt away during your weeklong retreat and a new life of joy has begun. Grief is receding and I feel totally open to love."

—Thank You, Norm

     "I really didn't understand how much I had learned and changed at your workshop until I had some time to process it on the trip back home. The fear and panic I had around making choices was overwhelming and now it's gone."

—Thanks again, Jay

     "Your workshop opened me wide in heart and spirit and sexuality! Your facilitation is both gentle and powerful, grounded, and community oriented. Best of all, I've made lifelong friends through your groups. I consider your work the best around!"

—Love, Cin

     "I want to express my gratitude for the magical and intimate space you created for my partner and I, as well as for others in the workshop. Something deepened for us that goes beyond words. Everything seems different now, and yet we don't know exactly how to define it. We only know there's more love between us and in our reality."

—Love, Steve

     "The workshop was so much more than I ever expected. Opening up around my parental issues was so valuable and I really do have new voices in my head. I appreciate all I've ever received from you."

—Love, Tysa

     "I'm not the same person who walked into your group Friday night. An emotional blockage I've been carrying for at least fifty years disintegrated!"

—Thank You, Jim

     "You created a space that allowed me to let others touch my heart in a way I'd never experienced. Your ability to be present and to focus on what is "up" with whomever you are working with was a blessing to witness and to receive. I can't remember ever feeling my own sexual energy in such a clean and healthy way before, nor did I realize that it's so much more than just finding someone to have sex with. I'm now seeing women in a new light, and the most exciting part is instead of looking for any opportunity to get something to help fill the "void" in me, I can connect with my energy, let it flow out to connect with whoever or whatever is around me."

—Thank you, Wallace

     "During this retreat, I experienced myself truly being who I came here to be and doing what I came here to do. The work I've done with you has progressed way beyond reclaiming my sexuality and become an inseparable part of the process of reclaiming my Godhood! I'm so grateful for your contribution to my life!"

—Love, Kevin

     "Yours is the only workshop I've experienced that was trans-structure, scripted by Spirit and the dynamics of the participants. Wow! It was really magical. And your energy - so delightfully transgender. Neither male nor female, not even a balance of the two but something beyond, something that is an elegant result of a 1+1=3 coalescence. Almost a third gender that embodies a return to the Garden where there is no more polarity, no more duality. You radiate a delicate strength, a sensual assertiveness that is at the same time subtle and insistent. I look forward to another, longer workshop of yours."

—Namaste and thank you, Bill

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